5 Reasons Clients Love Our White Label Software Development

There are many reasons our clients work with us. As an example we assist with white label software development and PHP in various situations:

  • We’ve completed large-scale projects from start to finish.
  • We’ve come in part way through a project to assist where problems are occurring.
  • We’ve fix bugs on existing projects.
  • We’ve been called in on a consultancy basis to offer guidance, insights and solutions.

Here are 5 reasons our clients love working with us:

1. Test-driven development through and through

We’re big on test-driven development, and it’s something we always pride ourselves in doing well. One of the advantages of regular testing is it means that whenever we commit code for you, we both know that it works because it’s been tested before hand.

If you don’t currently use test-driven code in your business, we can show you the benefits of it and how test-driven development can improve your own internal development processes.

Test-driven code throughout our white label software development saves a lot of time, problems and headaches in the long run.


2. We’re client facing when you need us to be

It’s your choice whether or not we are client facing, and we’re comfortable with either situation.

Some of our agency clients like us to meet their own clients and go through the projects we’re assisting them with in a higher level of detail.

In these situations we are, and have been proven to be, completely professional at all times.

Confidentiality and our integrity, as individuals and as a business, is something we take very seriously.


3. Regular check-ins with you

Whether it’s a daily meeting over Skype or catching up in person, we keep in touch with our clients regularly and work to pre-agreed timescales.

Our clients appreciate our friendly and down-to-earth approach and you can count on us to tell you things as they truly are.

Not only does this give you peace of mind your project is in good hands, it ensures we are able to ask any questions, give feedback and keep the development project well on track.


4. Solid support, even mid-project

We’ve recently been helping with several large-scale projects that are half-way through and suffering from development problems.

Because of the nature of our white label software development, many of our clients ask us to sign non-disclosure agreements which we are happy to do and we’re very used to working under these agreements.

Due to our technical knowledge and experience, we’re able to come in and hit the ground running, offering insights, solutions and becoming a solid and vital part of your technical team when you need it most.


5. Making your life easier

With good planning, regular testing and our experience, the solutions we offer are the most simple and effective for each situation.

We don’t want to give you any headaches, and we certainly don’t want them either! Our aim is to make your life simpler and easier. We give you peace of mind that we are getting the job done to a high standard, our code works, it’s on time, and you can rely on us.

Do you need support with your PHP development projects? Get in touch and let’s getting started making your life easier too.

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