The Problem

Our client required a price comparison website developing to automatically provide their customers with the lowest prices on the internet.

The client was spending too much time manually searching for product prices to display, as well as manually adding product images to their website.

They needed a system that would save them time and improve price accuracy, displaying only the most up to date product prices.

How We Helped

We developed a system that aggregates all of the product lists from the multiple vendors online, and automatically matches up related products and displays the results in the desired order.

The system automatically updates the results each day, using a bespoke algorithm to ensure customers see the most current product prices.

We also made the system so that it automatically collects and displays product images from vendors, so that our client no longer has to do this manually.

Client Success

The system we created has made life much easier for our client. They no longer have to manually keep track of product prices, and spend time updating their website. They are able to give their customers the most up to date prices every single day. The system also saves them time by downloading the latest product images automatically.

Our client now has more time, is more efficient, and the system has also helped with their SEO rankings.