The Problem

Our client is the UK’s leading customer survey specialist, however their internal survey management software system was unable to meet the needs of their growing business. Staff were also required to have knowledge of multiple separate software packages to complete common tasks.

How We Helped

After carefully establishing our client’s problems and specific needs, a custom back-end administration panel was created to provide non-technical staff with the ability to build a complete and complex survey from their internet browser.

Survey questions can be structured in such a way that previous answers can alter the path of a participant through the survey, along with showing and hiding questions according to their given responses.

A bespoke email management system enables the client to plan and manage survey invites to participants, as well as send email reminders to participants based on a number of user definable criteria.

A complete user management system along with security roles ensures only those who have the correct permissions can create, update, and delete a given survey.

Client Success

By bringing together a number of disparate internal systems and processes into a single, common administration interface, our client has been able to significantly reduce the complexity of survey creation, and the possibility of human error.

Using the Symfony 2 PHP framework, a thorough and automated software test suite, and an agile project management approach, the client is able to adapt to their customer demands and make changes without fear of breaking existing functionality or live surveys.

Our client now has increased confidence and trust in their software system, higher productivity and overall business growth.