What is Bespoke Software?

Bespoke software is commissioned by a business to meet a specific purpose or function for the unique needs of a company. Software off the shelf is usually made for large numbers of general users and organisations. It therefore has features that are of use to a wider majority. Bespoke Software Preston

You Are Unique

All businesses work in different ways and we are all individuals ourselves. It’s not always possible to find off the shelf software that meets your business’ exact needs.

Owning your own software can completely transform your company, help it grow and enable you to beat your competition more easily – giving you the edge.

Examples of Bespoke Software

It doesn’t have to be large and complex. The aim is to provide simple tools that improve the business. Examples can include databases to assist with any type of record-keeping, web-based solutions and automating repetitive or mundane tasks. The options are endless.

Giving You Freedom and Power

Opting for your own custom software gives you the freedom and power to determine the exact functionality you require – and importantly how the system looks and performs.

Long-Term Investment

Although bespoke software does require an upfront investment, the value of a well-designed solution should more than pay for itself over a period of time; increasing efficiency, productivity, saving staff time and ultimately helping the company grow more quickly.

At A6 Software we have over ten years experience in software development and programme using PHP code, specialising in the Symfony 2 framework.

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