iBeacons: Cool or Scary?

What’s an iBeacon? You may not have heard about them yet but iBeacons are the future and set to grow in popularity rapidly. The iBeacon is a little device that transmits Bluetooth at a very low energy level. It runs … Continued

what is heartbleed

What Is Heartbleed?

There hasn’t been a computer security bug around for a while that we needed to worry about. Sadly, it appears that we’ve all been facing one for the past two years and not realised. What is the heartbleed computer bug? … Continued

PHP Developers in Preston

We’re friendly, approachable PHP developers in Preston. When out and about at business events we go to, we sometimes get asked questions like “what is PHP?” “What do PHP developers do exactly?” Many people have never heard of the term, … Continued

virtual reality training

Is Virtual Reality Training Right For Sport?

In the sports world, teams are always looking for ways to better one another. Virtual reality headsets could transform how athletes train, but are they really just an expensive gimmick? Virtual training in rugby In rugby, the latest technology means … Continued

what makes a hashtag go viral?

What makes a hashtag go viral?

The latest no make-up selfie trend didn’t begin as a campaign to raise money for cancer. Noone is quite sure why it caught on, but over the past few days more and more women have been joining in. Overwhelming support … Continued

smart phone use against television

3 Ways A Mobile App Can Help Your Business

We provide app development in Preston and the surrounding areas. More and more businesses are embracing apps and realising their incredible potential. The majority of us use a smart phone every single day and are familiar with ‘apps’. They’re a … Continued

Bespoke Software Development

What is Bespoke Software?

Bespoke software is commissioned by a business to meet a specific purpose or function for the unique needs of a company. Software off the shelf is usually made for large numbers of general users and organisations. It therefore has features … Continued